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Bayern thinks Kimmick demands €20 million per year

Bayern thinks Kimmick demands €20 million per year. Joshua Kimmick has reportedly demanded €20 million a year from Bayern Munich. If they negotiate a new deal.

Bayern thinks Kimmick demands €20 million per year

Bayern Munich are facing problems with their players demanding huge wages from the club. If a new deal is reached. €20m a year if new contracts are negotiated, according to ufabet on Wednesday. 

Midfielder Kimmick 26 is contracted to Bayern Munich until the summer of 2023. Although the Bavarian side still have time to decide a new deal with him. But Kimmick is reportedly demanding €20 million a year from the club. The same figure Leon Goretzka has asked from the Bundesliga side in negotiating a new contract in place of the one that is about to expire in the summer of next year.

Bayern Munich also want to keep Kimmick as the core of the team for the long term. The Southern Tiger team can also extend the negotiations for another year. As the club will take urgent action on a new deal with Goretzka that seeks to persuade the players to take a wage cut. They had previously demanded from the club. The Bavarian side will also have to decide on the future of Niklas Sule, who has one year left on his contract.