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Greenwood admits to being a fan of Messi

Greenwood admits to being a fan of Messi. Mason Greenwood, a young Manchester United striker, does not want to be neutral. Show your position to choose in the world debate that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who is better? In which the good-blooded star holds up two armpits to support the Argentine star, who recently won the Copa America championship.

Messi owned Baltimore Tudors 6 days is the enemy of love with Ronaldo cross gold 5 days ago. He is levelly in the soccer world for 15 years, during which Greenwood grew up fit.  

So the 19- carat young man could choose to favor ‘ El Leo ‘ over his otherworldly superhumanity.  

” Personally, I still choose Messi because from my point of view, you’re from another planet, ” a young man from Bradford askedandanswered to fans on the official website.