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Merson confident of return to form to beat Southampton.

Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson is confident his former club will return to winning ways. In their home clash with Southampton in the Premier League english Friday.

“Cannon” has come off a draw in two games next to Liverpool and West Ham with a score of 2-2 in both games, both leading by two goals. But being beat down. That leaves Manchester City’s lead now to four points and one game more to play. But Merson is confident Mikel Arteta’s side will come back to win.

“This is a big game in the title race and Arsenal need to get back to where they were.” Merson told Sportskida. He’s been doing it all this season. it’s going back to shore. They did a great job leading West Ham 2-0 and they were satisfy UFABET

“Arsenal didn’t play badly. But they were punished for what they missed earlier in the season. This reminds me of when I was playing back in 1989. We were chasing Liverpool and we needed a result at Anfield.

“Bukayo Saka was brave enough to take the penalty after missing the Euros. People miss penalties and I would be very surprised. If he doesn’t take the next penalty for Arsenal.

“If you had to pick a game to come back this season. Which one would you pick? You have to select the found game. Southampton at home, I still think Arsenal will win the league this season. And they will win the game, I’m 3-0.”