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Murphy believes the arrival of Ronaldo would halt Mason Greenwood

Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy believes the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo would halt Mason Greenwood’s development.

         The England forward has started the season brilliantly with three goals in three appearances. But Murphy thinks Ronaldo’s arrival could affect his chances of playing of Greenwood. That will be a huge barrier to development

         “He’s 19 years old, what he naturally has is a desire to accomplish. He easily scores goals with two feet. In fact, I don’t remember any striker doing that on both feet since Robbie Fowler. Play with the right foot,” Murphy told talkSPORT.

         “What worries me is the arrival of Ronaldo, I don’t want to blame because I can’t wait to see one of the best players in the Premier League and it’s amazing how he fits into the team and how. A connection with Fernandes and Sancho.”

         “But I think even Greenwood can play and score goals on the right. I think he’s a target striker and Cavani is still with the team. Playing time to develop in the No. 9 striker will be limited for him. He has a beautiful play , passed the ball well, but he was interested in running behind him. He doesn’t have the speed of Mbappe, but he’s a more natural finisher.

         “I think Greenwood, although we will have to wait a bit longer from signing Ronaldo to be able to become a complete United legend, Ronaldo will slow his progress.”