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Napoli rejected Manchester United to buy Koulibaly

Napoli rejected Manchester United to buy Koulibaly was only 25.8 million years. Manchester United have been turned down an offer for Napoli centre-back Kalidou Koulibaly. That for £25.8 million (around €30 million), according to Italian media reports.

The disclosure of the ‘ Loi set Vista del shields Sport ‘ that the United intensive to buy Raphael that the store caters to Real Madrid. It was a secondary goal of racing age of 30 years.  

‘ Red Devils ‘ user agent by Fa Li Ramada This is a medium to send a proposal to the Bank . The club ‘ Azteca Sioux Falls ‘ Sheffield, Julio Del Monte Forest Baptist considering that was hit Refuse to say no. Because Senegal is the key player of the team.

The reason United are also looking at Koulibaly. As an option is because they know Napoli need to save £ 19m this summer ( around € 22m ).