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Richarlison reveals that he was scolded by Conte for 2 hours.

Tottenham striker Richarlison has revealed he was yelled at by former boss Antonio Conte for more than two hours. After Tottenham were knocked out of the Champions League by AC Milan.

The 26-year-old gave a heated interview after the game that his season had been hell due to not having the opportunity. And insisted that he should start after being used as a late substitute for most of the game UFABET 

Conte reprimanded him for being selfish the next day. And finally, the Italian boss had to part ways with the club two months later. After inadvertently criticizing the team and the club through the media as soon as the game ended Southampton 3-3.

It seems like an unkind talk will happen similarly. In the dressing room, Richarlison told the Que Papinho podcast: “I made the mistake of asking for an opportunity to play in an interview.”

“Later I apologized. and told him to punish me. He told me to go out to show that he was the boss. It was his way of dealing with it. For almost two hours he cursed me in front of everyone there.”

The incident came in a disappointing season for the Brazilian. Who scored only one goal in the Premier League in 27 appearances.