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Bild reveals Grafenberg didn’t respond to Liverpool.

German newspaper Bild reports that. Bayern Munich midfielder Ryan Grafenberg has refused to answer the media. When asked about Liverpool interest in joining the team.

The 20-year-old was regarded as one of the most promising midfielders after rising to prominence at Ajax. Until being swept away by Bayern last summer with former boss Erik ten Hag. Wanted to join the team at Manchester United, but was unsuccessful.

But his career in Germany was fraught with difficulties. UFABET As he was on the bench for Julian Nagelsmann before being sacked and Thomas Tuchel brought in as a coach. 

From not playing much, he used to come out and say about this that he was not satisfied as well. But respecting the decision of the coach. Causing rumors of transferring the team by “Reds” looking for a new midfielder was linked to interest

However, according to media reports. The famous beer city reported that journalists asked about this matter to Gravenberg. But the player refused to answer questions so as not to add fuel to this news.

It is believed that Bayern Munich do not want to let players leave the team. Because Thomas Tuchel places Grafenberg as the future of the club for next season.