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Grealish points out that the boat reaches the championship.

Manchester City attacker Jack Grealish has urged his team to build on their latest performance to cover the final three matches of the season to defend the English Premier League title, as he knows better than his rivals Liverpool. stumbled again

Through 35 matches, City dominated the crowd with 86 points, 3 points more than the ‘Reds’ , plus the difference in goals – lost above 4 tablets , with the remaining queue to visit Wolves , West Ham and end the home game . Aston Villa  

The overall picture was still rocky, UFABET so Grealish urged everyone to do their best to survive.  

“ Liverpool are a great team. And to be honest, I don’t think they will stumble again. ” Opening mouth to the official website  

“ We have to hold the advantage. Grab as many points as you can. ”

“ For me, the English Premier League is the best football league in the world. Anything can happen in the remaining number of games. Therefore, we must be firm and firmly plant our feet. ” 

“ Still can’t withdraw the accelerator. Because the next three games are rocky, so we need nine full points to win the league. ” 

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